Customer Retention and Referrals

How do you stay “top of mind” with a client after their transaction?

The problem with most customer retention email programs in real estate is that by the time they’re ready to be a customer of yours again (or have a friend to refer to you), you’ve long since bored them to tears with real estate market reports, their house value estimate, or pumpkin spice recipes.

They’ve either unsubscribed long ago, or simply been deleting every email they get from you without even opening it.

That’s why we created our agent-branded Homeowner Reminders.

It sends timely reminders for homeowner tasks, customized for each homeowner, by email and/or text message.

Reminders like:

It’s Branded to You:

Sample email reminder

It’s Customizable!

  • add custom tasks for a homeowner for anything at all
  • tasks can have any sort of recurring schedule you like
  • you can even add a custom note to a task

Have a recommendation for an irrigation maintenance company, a gutter cleaner, or a hot tub supply store?

Just add their contact info with a personal note from you to that task, and it gets sent to the homeowner along with the reminder.

It’s Easy!  Use our template:

…or clone our template, and create your own.

Stay Top-of-Mind with your clients

These are helpful, useful, WANTED reminders that the customer will actually be happy to receive and read.

There’s no ads…no begging for referrals…you’re not grabbing for their wallet.

If your clients prefer to communicate in Spanish, French, Chinese, or Russian – no problem, we’ll translate everything, including your notes, to their preferred language.

The homeowner doesn’t even have to be your client!  If one of your clients says “hey, this is cool, can you make one of these for my sister?”….OF COURSE YOU CAN…in just seconds.  At no extra cost to you!

  • $29 per month
  • Unlimited number of clients
  • First checklist is free
  • No credit card required to try it out
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