• There’s more to it than location, bedrooms, and square footage
    How is this only $825K in Sacramento? You’ll have to look at the photos to understand.  It’ll take a special buyer! Photo gallery
  • New Feature: Transaction Checklists
    Announcing a brand new feature in our Property Concierge product: Transaction Checklists! Once you’ve got an offer accepted–whether you’re representing the buyer or the seller–you’ve got a lengthy list of tasks that have to be completed for the deal to close…from inspections to signoffs to opening of escrow to sending a personal thank-you to your […]
  • Client Spotlight: Hoem Property Group – Homes by Hoems
    Chris and Julie Hoem had been successful residential real estate agents, but were with a brokerage firm that catered solely to the luxury end of the market; i.e. $1M+ homes. As a result, they were missing a lot of mid-market listings ($500k – $1M), not to mention all entry-level ones. Faced with a brokerage change […]
  • Vendor Spotlight: Saechao Videography
    Real Estate Media Essentials Over the past year, home sellers and their agents have had the upper hand in residential real estate transactions. High demand and low inventory, historically-low interest rates, and a flood of migratory buyers have contributed to a buying frenzy. In fact, many properties have sold without capital improvements made (i.e. new […]
  • The ‘Shift’ Is On
    If you’re a fan of MLB, the ‘shift’, or having more than two infield players between first and second base, will be on full display this summer, but not indefinitely. It will be banned for the 2023 season. The reason is a shifting infield gives an unfair advantage to the defensive team, which makes less […]