Communications, simplified

Our mobile-friendly website means you have 100% of the details, notes, and correspondence regarding each of your listings at your fingertips 24/7.

There’s nothing to download, nothing to install, and nothing to update.

Tired of typing the property’s address in to text messages and emails to vendors and coworkers?   Not only do we send the address to them–we give them each their own web dashboard, with clickable driving directions and the history of your conversation with them about that property.

In fact, you don’t have to EVER enter the address into Property Concierge at all.  Add the listing to Property Concierge while you’re at the property, and we’ll automatically look up the address and fill it in for you.

And, if you have instructions to give to a vendor, you don’t have to type that either.  Property Concierge works with your phone’s dictation feature–just press the microphone icon and talk into your phone to give that vendor your detailed list of what you need them to do.

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Benefits you can take to the bank:

  • Spend less time setting appointments, leaving and picking up voicemails, typing addresses and instructions
  • Ensure no balls get dropped, no communications are misunderstood
  • Eliminate a mountain of paperwork – while preserving a digital paper trail
  • Automatically translate messages between vendors and realtors from English to Spanish, French, Chinese, or Russian–and back
  • See a listing’s complete status at every stage, at a glance

See the status of your listing at a glance

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Property Concierge at your command.

  • Schedule tasks and give vendors detailed instructions
  • Save time and avoid typos and misunderstandings
  • Notify your go-to photographers, landscapers, staging companies, etc. that you need their help with 1 click
  • Schedule your vendors directly on their electronic calendars, in seconds

To see what those email and text message notifications look like, click here.

Save time and avoid typos

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Tired of miscommunications caused by language issues?

Vendors and Realtors can set their preferred language (English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, or French). Not only are all of Realty Remotely’s web pages available in 3 languages, but your messages and notes to your vendors are automatically translated into their preferred language.

And if a vendor wants to respond in their native language, we’ll translate their notes to you back to your native language.

Translate messages to/from vendors automatically

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Can’t get your go-to person to help you soon enough?

  • Choose from our list of vetted alternate vendors
  • See their availability real-time
  • Read reviews
  • See their website and pricing
  • Book them immediately–no phone tag

Alternate vendors if your go-to person isn’t available

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Property Concierge is affordable

Let Realty Remotely’s Property Concierge create first-class listings, streamline your tasks, and simplify listing management, all for just $39 per listing.

Discover how many hours of your time (and your assistant’s) you can save by trying Property Concierge with your next listing – for free.

No credit card required!

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