We hear lots of talk about the Metaverse–but it’s more than just a buzzword, and more than just games.

According to this article in Cascade Business News, Real estates sales in the metaverse topped $500 million last year and could double this year.

Why would anyone want to own virtual real estate?  You can’t actually live there!  The CEO of Tokens.com, Andrew Kiguel, who bought $2.5 million worth of virtual real estate in The Sandbox, says “For many brands, the metaverse is about billboards rather than buildings.”  Having a bit of property right near a popular attraction in a virtual world means you can put up a big ad and get seen by a ton of people.

But there’s more to it than that.  You don’t need to actually buy virtual real estate to experience it.

Oculus Quest 2 plus Matterport tour

We’ve all seen Matterport tours–certainly they are table stakes these days when you’re selling a house.   But did you know you can explore a property with any Matterport tour using an Oculus QuestHere’s how.

Essentially, you use the browser from the home screen, and navigate to any web page that’s got a Matterport tour on it, like this one:


Click on the Enter VR button, then use the trigger to move to the familiar Matterport circles.  What’s really cool is that instead of having to use your mouse or keyboard to turn your head, look up/down, etc., you just…..move your head.  MUCH more realistic experience.