Real Estate Media Essentials

Over the past year, home sellers and their agents have had the upper hand in residential real estate transactions. High demand and low inventory, historically-low interest rates, and a flood of migratory buyers have contributed to a buying frenzy. In fact, many properties have sold without capital improvements made (i.e. new roof), with multiple offers above listing price, and within days, not weeks or months as in a normal market.

But sellers beware. The operative word in the last sentence above is ‘normal market’. As rates rise, so will inventory, which means the seller’s market will shift back to center, or require agents to expand their marketing activity again to sell properties competitively. The cornerstone of any successful real estate transaction is showing the depth, breadth, amenities, and feature comforts of a property via media: Photography, videography, drone, and Matterport.

Introducing Saechao Videography, a full-service media essentials solution for real estate. Its operator, Chance Saechao has shot properties for brokerages such as RE/MAX, More Realty, Sotheby’s International, and Portland-based property management company, Ekoliving. Some realtors work with separate photographers / videographers, and/or a Matterport operator, but Chance does it all; your one stop shop for all real estate media-related needs.

Chance Saechao real estate photography

If COVID-19 taught us anything, it showed the real estate industry how to effectively position and show homes online. So why is choosing a real estate media professional to shoot your properties mandatory, instead of someone with an iPhone, or similar?

In addition to experience, that answer is in the gear used.

  • For photos, a 10mm camera lens gives the ability to emphasize a property’s size, to show the vastness of each room, as if you were to walk inside them.
  • For videos, a 10mm wide-angle lens and a tight 50mm lens shows similar; breadth and depth of a property. This combination features property size, finished floors, house decorations, and important things a buyer might miss in only seeing images.
  • For drone shots, the DJI Mavic 2 can provide both photos and videos from a bird’s eye view. Showcasing where a property is in a community to nearby amenities (parks, schools, etc.), can only be seen from above.
  • For those not familiar, the 3D Matterport camera takes 9 images simultaneously in every direction (360° around and 180° up / down), and allows your customer to virtually tour a property. This camera’s output also allows customers to measure real distances, and see a virtual floor plan, all online from a smartphone or desktop.
  • Saechao Videography offers packages in two forms: Standard and Premium. Sometimes realtors need something quick and efficient, while at other times, they need higher quality photoshopped, edited media. Whether for social media or just the MLS, the agent is in control of what they want to feature, with a combination of activities priced and packaged accordingly.

    So if you’re looking for a full-service, cost-effective specialist and solution, we recommend you make Saechao Videography your ‘go to’ real estate media essentials vendor.