Client Spotlight: Hoem Property Group

Chris and Julie Hoem had been successful residential real estate agents, but were with a brokerage firm that catered solely to the luxury end of the market; i.e. $1M+ homes. As a result, they were missing a lot of mid-market listings ($500k – $1M), not to mention all entry-level ones. Faced with a brokerage change to expand their target audience and selling opportunities, they were going to have to start afresh in their online presence and its marketing.

Enter Realtor Promoter, a suite of marketing services to help the Hoems brand and market its real estate business.

To avert the above from repeating every time they wanted to change to a new brokerage firm, we counseled the Hoems to create a unique brand identity for themselves, and then co-brand its real estate business alongside any brokerage.

They also wanted to focus on a geographic location and their expertise in that area; West Linn, OR. The primary prospects for their expertise were two-fold: Couples with young school-age families; and older couples who as empty-nesters looking to downsize and/or preserve their property as a long-term investment, to eventually sell in a seller’s market.

Three primary projects were executed in the Hoem’s marketing strategy:

  • Brand identity & logo creation – Serendipitously, ‘Hoem’ is perhaps the perfect surname for a real estate agent. We incorporated it into its logo / branding, Homes by Hoems, as well as into its tagline too; Call Hoem for Your Real Estate Needs.
  • Website development – We crafted a scrolling, one page website with five sections featuring their target customer, reviews and testimonials, and location expertise, to name a few. Content copywriting and supporting imagery was centered around the Hoem’s experience in the local community.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Local directory optimizations – We focused on a select group of keyword phrases to support the above, and then connected a blog, email content, and social postings with links to reinforce its organic search results.

Homes by Hoems is now co-branded to its new brokerage, with a primary focus in the West Linn community, and mid-market properties. This changeover hasn’t excluded them from the higher end, luxury category either, but expanded its market overall. If you’re considering a similar makeover, the suite of services from Realtor Promoter may be your best solution.

Homes by Hoems